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An electronic form used by a GP during a consultation with a patient.

A way of teaching that is offered online, using the internet, instead of face to face.

EIT-Health (European Institute of Innovation and Technology)
An EU initiative to improve healthy living and active ageing across Europe by bringing together universities and industry and providing funding for projects

Elective care
Planned care, such as a planned operation or treatment in hospital

Electronic Patient Record (EPR)
An electronic patient record is a secure digital version of a patient's healthcare records. They make information available instantly and securely to authorised users such as doctors, nurses and physios.

This is a clinical computer system which is used by GPs, nurses and other health care professionals in Primary Care. It allows healthcare professionals to record, share and use vital information, so they can provide better, more efficient care. Also see: SystemOne

Evidence based practice
Healthcare professionals use current best evidence, along with their clinical expertise and patient values to help them make decisions on how best to treat a patient.