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A marked effect or influence.' Projects in the Impact Accelerator Unit have impact on real world healthcare practice. Universities measure the impact that their research has had in practice.

Impact Accelerator Unit
The Keele Impact Accelerator Unit moves evidence based practice into real world healthcare

The process of putting the results of healthcare research into clinical practice.

Implementation Science
The study of how we establish proven, effective interventions (treatments) in everyday healthcare practice and how we enable people and organisations to change. Concentrates on the solutions for people

Improvement Science
Actually changing and improving healthcare using evidence based interventions, achieving widespread use of 'new, better ways' more quickly. Uses a specific Quality Improvement method to make something better than before.

New or cutting edge improvements and developments in healthcare treatment

In medicine, an intervention is a treatment which is usually undertaken to help treat or cure a condition. Research produces interventions which are based on evidence

A UK-based organisation which supports public involvement in the NHS, public health and social care research. For more information