Jigsaw-E Team


Krysia Dziedzic

( JIGSAW-E Academic Project Lead / Impact Accelerator Unit Director)

Helen Duffy

( Head of NHS Partnerships and Engagement / Impact Accelerator Unit Deputy Director)

Nicki Evans

( Impact Accelerator Unit Project Manager)

Lizzie Cottrell

( General Practitioner Partner, NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care and Senior Lecturer in General Practice/ JIGSAW-E PI)

Vince Cooper

( Senior Lecturer in General Practice / JIGSAW-E GP Champion)

Louise Warburton

( GPwSI in Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine / JIGSAW-E GP Champion)

Andrew Finney

( Clinical Academic, JIGSAW-E Nurse Champion)

Johny Quicke

( NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Physiotherapy / JIGSAW-E Physiotherapy Champion)

Hazel Lambourne

( OA Nurse Champion)

Colin Stanford

( JIGSAW-E GP Champion)

Simon Wathall

( Health Informatics Specialist)

Steven Blackburn

( Research Design Service / JIGSAW-E Patient Involvement Lead)

Laura Campbell

( Impact Accelerator Unit Project Support / JIGSAW-E Knowledge Broker)

Tina Hadley-Barrows

( JIGSAW-E Physiotherapy Champion)

Laura Swaithes

( PhD Student)