How first contact physiotherapists can enhance care for people with osteoarthritis

Welcome to the “First contact physiotherapist osteoarthritis training programme”. These modules will provide high quality training for implementing best practice consultations & care for people with osteoarthritis.


Course format and aims:
This course is split into 5 sections of between 5 and 10 minutes duration. This training programme will equip first contact physiotherapists to support the implementation of the NICE guidelines on core treatments for osteoarthritis. The objectives are to:

  • have a clear understanding of osteoarthritis
  • understand how osteoarthritis and condition beliefs can impact an individual’s life and behaviour
  • be able to confidently make a diagnosis and explain osteoarthritis
  • be able to advise on evidence based pain relief, exercise and weight management and provide good written information and signposting to other resources
  • be aware of strategies to facilitate behaviour change and support self-management
  • consider potential opportunities for further first contact physiotherapist skill development

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