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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Secondary care
Secondary care, which is sometimes referred to as 'hospital and community care', can either be planned (elective) care such as a cataract operation, or urgent and emergency care such as treatment for a broken bone

When the patient uses different methods to care for themselves and control their own symptoms, using advice from medical professionals.

A self enclosed group of like-minded individuals. When implementing innovations or sharing knowledge, we aim to break down silos, share information and mobilise knowledge.

SMEs - (Small / Medium Enterprises)
Organisations which usually employ fewer than 250 people.

Social Prescribing
Social prescribing is a way of linking patients with sources of support within the community. It provides non-medial options that can operate alongside existing treatments to improve health and well being.

A person or organisation with an interest or concern in something.

Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN)
SCNs bring together those who use, provide and commission an NHS service to make improvements in outcomes for complex patient pathways

Stream of Funding
A source of money set aside for a certain purpose or project.

Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs)
Partnerships between local councils and the NHS to improve health and care according to the need of the whole population in the area

SystemOne is a clinical computer system which is used by GPs, nurses and other AHPs in Primary Care. Also see: EMIS Web